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If RMRS Doesn't Collect, You Don't Pay Anything!
Receivable Management and Recovery Services, Inc. (RMRS) specializes in one thing and one thing only, the expeditious and professional collection of commercial accounts receivable.

Our collection agency staff has a vast wealth of experience in collecting just about every type of commercial receivable imaginable. Whether your company manufactures products, sells industrial supplies, distributes goods, leases or sells equipment, office space or commercial real estate, provides business services, or is a transportation or freight brokerage firm or anything in between, we have streamlined our agency to aggressively collect your commercial bad debt claims quickly and efficiently.

If that is not reason enough for you to consider RMRS as your commercial collection agency, we also have in-house legal counsel that will handle the litigation and management of all legal commercial claims placed throughout our service area. There is no reason for you to forward your receivables to many different collection attorneys when we can effectively manage the legal process for you.


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