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About RMRS
The  management team and staff at RMRS are all highly seasoned Collection Industry veterans having nearly 100 years of experience and professional know how between us to collect your commercial accounts receivable. There isn't much in this business that we haven't seen or dealt with at one time or another.

We give each and every client our very best efforts in collecting their commercial claims. Superior service and results are what drives us to be the collection agency that we are. You can't have one without the other and be a highly regarded collection agency in this industry.

Receivable Management and Recovery Services, Inc. doesn't claim to be one of the oldest agencies around and we certainly are not one of the largest either. What we are, is a licensed and bonded commercial collection agency that wants to provide services to our clients that go above and beyond. In other words, we want to be the very best and we fully understand that it begins and ends with satisfying our clients by giving them results that they can bank on. Let us design a successful collection campaign to collect your commercial receivables.


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