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Legal Services - In-House Counsel & National Legal Network
RMRS is dedicated to having all of the tools necessary to collect the commercial receivables that our clients have entrusted us with. That includes having an experienced collection attorney in-house to provide the management and legal guidance in the litigation of claims in order to help facilitate the collection of commercial bad debt receivables throughout our service area.

Having a collection attorney on staff is a major component for RMRS success. We all know that not every commercial account can be collected in the usual course of business and that often it becomes necessary to take it a step further. As a commercial creditor, you already know it is important to have a collection agency to not only collect your debts and produce a high yield but also one that has legal counsel on staff to quash disputes quickly and effectively. RMRS maintains a well cultivated legal network throughout the United States that can handle any of the legal aspects in your debt collection process.

Not every debtor is willing to pay, so having our own legal team to prompt the debtor into making a better decision is paramount. If litigation is necessary, we seek client approval before we start the process.


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